As you walk in Chehelsotoun, you find yourself in the magnetism of beauty and subtlety. The mural paintings in both Safavid and Qajar styles, the Darius-design seats inspired by the Darius's throne from the stone configurations at Persepolis, the artistic works on the walls, ceilings, columns, banisters, pavement, doors, glass panes and even lanterns and ceiling suspensions multiply the beauty of the hall. With two floors and room for 400 people, Chehelsotoun Restaurant is a treasury of the architectural art and unique subtlety of the Isfahani artists, a museum of the most original and most beautiful, the very embodiment of miracle, art embodied as something used today as the main restaurant and a place for holding feasts. 

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The designs and mirror works of the breakfast hall are based on the style of Qajars. The portraits and designs of Gol va Morgh (flowers and birds) are all the masterpieces of artist Rashtian and Master Ebrahim Jabbar Beik. In the space between the breakfast hall and the corridor, a small hall is located whose walls are carefully decorated with Tongbori and moqarnas and resembles Ali Qapu palace. The magnificent scenery of school's turquoise dome multiply the pleasure of having breakfast in this hall.

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Naghsh-i-Jahan coffee shop is a mixture of outstanding paintings and persistent designs which is a suitable place for your formal and informal meetings. The coffee shop is open every day from 8 to 23 and a variety of coffee, cake, milk shake, dessert, ice-cream as well as pizza and fast food are served here.

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Located on the east end of the garden and reconstructed 20 years ago in two spaces of enclosed and open, the traditional Sofrehkhaneh makes a magnificent host. In the enclosed section, the unique design and patterns of the ceiling and walls, arrangement and reception style take you back to the pure and memorable past so that you might link the pleasure of the past to that of the present, most pleasantly recording the experiences. The traditional Sofrehkhaneh serves  at nights from 19 to 23 .

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In the northern side of the guesthouse, just opposite to the door, which opens to the main lobby, there is located a parlor with high tiled walls and ceilings and two double storey verandas in both sides. This parlor is now used as  a traditional coffee house. In this tea-house which is open from 16:30 to 22:30, a variety of tea, herbal drink and Ash Reshte is served. 

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From this point above, you can see the entire city. Standing in the open space of Chashmandaz Restaurant located on the roof of the hotel, you can have a 360-degree view of Isfahan, the kind that appeals not only to the local and international tourists but also to the Isfahan citizens.Hosting 250 guests it is an ideal choice for family parties, friendly gatherings or even intimate professional get-togethers.

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