Halls & Ballrooms

Abbasi Hall

Abbasi (or Abbasid) Hall is the most magnificent hall of the collection. On the cover of the ceiling and body of the entrance to the hall emblazoned with the art of kupburi (i.e. embossed work) and laminated work, can be seen the miracle of the Isfahani artists. The uniform patterns repeated on the gold sheets of the walls and ceiling depict the glory of art and beauty on the body of the building. In the hall, too, wooden muqarnas, i.e. stalactite work and tung buri, i.e. fine, varied carafe-engraved work on the ceiling create a dome of colors and lights above the heads of the attendants. The mural and ceiling gold sheets fine brush-painted on the margins, too, give the hall a dazzling and eye-soothing beauty. with sufficient room for 550 people, Abbasi Hall has thus far been hosting major national and global events, accommodating for hours a multitude of distinguished guests from across the globe, recognizing the unchallenged beauty of the hall.

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Ayneh Hall

Looking at the mirror work (i.e. mirrors) of the ceiling, you will find that no other name suits it as much as does the "Mirror Hall", the sort that multiplies the beauty within. The repetition of glory in the magnificence of art in this hall, the art of architecture alongside of the ornamental plaster work, gold blocking and mirror work portray an unparalleled model of the great Iranian talent. Also, the harmony of the blinds, walls, plans and colors against the dazzling paintings surround you within the four walls of beauty, finesse, verve and subtlety. In normal arrangement, the hall accommodates 200 people and in U-shaped arrangement, it accommodates up to 60 people. The full furniture and arrangement provide a multilateral hosting capability for the guests. 

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Firoozeh Hall

A turquoise-blue embedded in a background of gold sheets appears to have created the world most beautiful and unique wall paper for the hall. The art of "kupburi" embossed cutting work "juxtaposed with painting, mirror work and plaster work unique to the hall has created an unparalleled combination. The convex turquoise-blue mirror work embodying elaborately fine-worked outstanding patterns, too, outshines against the mural gold sheets. The banisters and unique internal arrangement of the room accommodating 400 people also enhance the beauties qualifying the hall for banquets, ceremonies and exhibitions going with conferences.

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Marmar Hall

The structure and new architecture of Marmar Hall make it suitable for holding exhibitions, conferences and celebrations. The name so selected for the hall comes from the marble stones used in the hall floor. This peculiarity combined with the cream color, fine mirror work and art work done on the walls and ceilings impart unique peace and beauty to the beholder.

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Zarrin Hall

Welcome to Zarrin Hall where margin-brush painted gold sheets shine against the bluish green mural background, lamination and plaster work can be seen on the cover of the ceiling and walls. It is not only a magnificent hall but also a peerless piece of the Iranian architectural identity. Located on the ground floor, the hall, depending on the arrangement, accommodates 40 - 80 people, and suitably hosts seminars, conferences and ceremonial receptions.

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Naghsh-i-Jahan Hall

Naghsh-i-Jahan Hall is on the hotel ground floor accommodating 120 people. The presence of a large old epigraph, a unique Chinese knurl on the ceiling, colored glasses and invaluable wooden separators comprise the nonpareil characteristics of the hall. It is a combination of beautiful patterns and lasting configurations carrying the mind away to the land of beauties and vivacity.

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Aliqapu Hall

Inspired by the music room in Aliqapu Palace, the hall is small yet magnificent. The collection of ornaments including plaster work, paintings and qatarbandi (typically an artistic representation of a character repeated infinitely) accompanied by miniature works have converted the small four walls of the hall to a wide zone of the most artistic Iranian designs. Tungburi, the carafe-engraved work on the muqarnas, stalactite work, can be seen as an unparalleled instance of the Iranian work in the last century. The hall accommodates a maximum of 20 people, and thanks to its unique dimensions, is used for special ceremonial feasts.

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Simin Hall

Simin Hall hosting 26 people is looked upon as a place of choice for hosting news conferences and seminars. The plaster work and qatarbandi (typically an artistic representation of a character repeated infinitely) can compensate for long monotonous official meetings.

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Sima Hall

This hall may lack the glory that other halls elsewhere enjoy. However, it enjoys a peculiar beauty and simplicity. The structure of Sima hall accommodating 80 people in theatrical and 50 people in U-shaped arrangement has been so designed as to meet the purpose of hosting seminars and conferences.

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